Cycling Gear

Retro cycling jerseys are becoming more favored among bicyclists nowadays. Particularly with cycle riders that also have a liking for looking great and having a little fun with the way they look while they ride their bicycles.  Some believe this recognition for retro cycling jerseys all started when Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France championship while he and his team were wearing a retro cycling jerseys that featured a picture of the old U.S.  Mail trademark from over thirty years back.  Whether this is the true foundation of their recognition, sales of retro cycling jerseys is enlarging each day, especially as access to buying them online gets faster as more corporations set up shop by putting e-commerce on their web sites.  The retro bike jerseys come in a wide selection of colors styles and with a myriad of pictures revealed on them.  

Pictures sported on retro bike jerseys today include novelty photographs like Dr Seuss' Moggy in the Hat or the Grinch who Nicked Yule, Betty Boop, Bozo the Clown and even sesame street characters like Oscar the Grouch and massive Bird.  A Web company which has some glorious older photographs on their retro cycling jerseys is the retro image clothes company.  Photographs used for their collection come from the pictures contained in the 'Horton collection line' these include such famous photographs as :

* The1935 World Championship Men's Jersey, a race of 216km over cobblestone roads in Belgium. 

* Men's Cataluna, an image for a poster which was made in Spain in 1943 for a cycle race called the Vuelta Catalonia. 

* women's Phebus, a recreation of a cycling advertising image created by Henri grey in 1896. 

* Green Eggs and Ham, a colourful jersey with pictures of the characters and events from the Dr Seuss story of the same name printed for the first time in 1960. 

Another great source for retro cycling jerseys and novelty bike jerseys is the internet site and go shopping at the Amazon site where you will find a good range to choose between.  Amazon stocks an enormous range of bike jerseys for men girls and youngsters as well as other bike clothing, cycling shoes and other accessories.  Yet another company that stocks a great range of both novelty cycling jerseys and retro cycling jerseys is the company 'ModernBike' they also stock a massive range of other bike gear, cycling clothing, accessories and shoes on their site.  

So for some fun with your look while riding your cycle, take a look at the great range of novelty and retro cycling jerseys available on the internet.

Cycling Jerseys are becoming more popular worldwide , they are made particularly for people that do lots of cycling.  Bike jerseys are basically are shirts that are specially made for folk to wear whilst they are riding their bikes.  For many folks, getting a cycling jersey isn't actually necessary, particularly if it is simply a hobby that's an occasional pastime.However for those bicyclists that are more serious about their riding, a cycling jersey has a lot of benefits. 

While riding, most serious cycling enthusiasts are bent over the handle bars to cut back their wind resistance and so increase the potency and speed.  Cycling jerseys are specially designed long in the back, so that the lumbar region stays covered while in this position.  Good cycling jerseys are designed so that any pockets or storage is positioned at the rear, because if they were at the front, the chance things spilling out is kind of high.
Bike jerseys are customarily quite snug fitting, as this helps to keep any wind resistance low, as a result they can get quite hot.  Most bike jerseys are designed with a zip at the front of the shirt so that if overheating happens, the cycle rider can unzip it to let cooler air in.  The jerseys are typically made from fabrics that take any moisture away from the skin of the cycle rider, so they can stay comfy and cool. 

These days, with cycling recognition on the rise, there are more specially designed bike jerseys for diverse groups, clubs and in several cases, funded jerseys for teams or clubs that get any sort of public exposure.  Very serious riders may even have custom cycling jerseys made specifically to fit their own bodies.  As a result, the cycling jerseys can come in a vast range of colours and patterns and are commonly printed with sponsors logos or photographs.